Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WTF (Why The Fuss?)

From where I am, miles away in geographical distance and political viewpoint from Manila media, I am appalled by the pettiness and hypocrisy of some news columnists and commentators viciously attacking PNoy for buying a used sports car with his own money.

They denounce him for "insensitivity to the poor and the hungry," an accusation which can be made against anyone who enjoys the most modest of luxuries in our present Philippine society.

In actuality, PNoy's lifestyle is closer to that of the average middle class Filipino. He dresses simply, does not entertain lavishly, is a bachelor with no extravagant wife, spoiled children, numerous in laws. Compared to all past Presidents from Aguinaldo to Gloria Arroyo, PNoy's personal expenses are measurably lower not to mention the fact that all such expenses come from his own pocket.

So why the shrill carping and caviling among self appointed media critics who themselves are leaders in conspicuous consumption?

I, as well the majority of fair, objective, open-minded Filipinos am at a loss for an answer.