Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Politics

Politics is business and politicians are products. I like to think that my 17 years here in the US and my depending on nobody for financial support will make me a credible candidate. In a developing country like the Philippines, the longer you stay in the arena, the dirtier you become and the more compromised you become. I hope to offer a new and clean alternative that will not be beholden to special interests and not be answerable to any partisan group. I will go home with a clear understanding of what happened in the past and a clear realization of why the Philippines is in such a deep mess.

I have been preparing for this return my entire life. I long ago realized the unique advantage of living in the Oklahoma panhandle: the solitude that it affords the exile's mind. Most of my free time has been spent thinking about what needs to be done. The internet, CSPAN as well as the easy availability of books here in the US truly make it difficult to get bored. Information and opinion are everywhere.

This will be a 21st Century campaign. I hope to attract stakeholders to my cause and I will only have one single assurance to all these people: that I will remain idealistic and at the same time grounded to the interests of the majority of the common people who live in abject poverty. I plan to owe nobody and work for everybody's common good

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