Saturday, February 25, 2006

State of Emergency

Because a Brigadier General was planning to march alongside people who were going to attend the twentieth anniversary of the fall of Marcos, Gloria Arroyo declared a "State of Emergency". This was splashed in the headlines of the New York Times, Washington Post and most other important newspapers. Just as when things were beginning to look brighter, the government screws everything up and managed to show the world that they did not really know what they were doing.

By over-reacting, they only showed to all that they are so insecure about their legitimacy. They must have really cheated in the last elections. This conclusion does not come as a surprise but I guess everyone who has had the best hopes for the Philippines had this attitude all along. So they cheated like everyone else, give them a chance so long as they do good to the country.

Now that they have set the Philippines back, I am convinced that they will do everything in their power to stay in power whatever the consequences. This tells me that they are willing to see the nation destroyed just as long as they retain control.

They have been in power for five years now. The economy grows only because of the ten million Filipinos abroad sending remittances to keep the sputtering economy going. The very negative effects of this type of income will be expounded upon in another segment.

Perhaps it is time for Gloria to go.

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