Sunday, March 26, 2006

V for Vendetta

Just finished watching another great movie from the Wachowsky brothers. Only thing is it broke my cover. "The Count Of Monte Cristo" has long since been one of my favorite novels. My father long ago read to me from "The Plot Outlines of 100 Famous Novels" and that story stuck to me and I read the entire book while in high school and re-read it while I was in Brooklyn. I always treated every day as just another day of preparation for my eventual return. Truth is, I have no relatives active in Philippine politics today. I have about 70 first cousins and nobody is even on a school board. I certainly do not belong to the political elite. Unlike the Count, I am not returning with a personal agenda of vendetta.

Every day has been a day of preparation for my return. I do not want to offer my country an unfinished product. I have tried to learn lessons from most of my experiences as an exile. The Count was away for 20 years. I have been away for 17. This blog cannot even start to contain my ideas about everything that keeps the Philippines in the miserable situation that it is in. I look forward to the day when I can discuss everyday problems with fellow citizens and arrive upon common-sense/scientific solutions to each of these problems.

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