Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The root of all the poverty and misery in the Philippines is the pervasive corruption that permeates every level of society, that looms behind every transaction, that is behind the mind of every citizen who sincerely desires to contribute to the common good.

Our various governments have never hurdled this seemingly insurmountable obstacle that will always prevent us from forging ahead.

Instead of enabling the people to unite and work together for a common cause, our leaders have consistently betrayed us and divided us and the general feeling of hopelessness and cynicism is a direct result of the example we see each day from the people who are supposed to govern us.

This is one good reason why I think that being away for 17 years will turn out to be an advantage because I do not know anybody and I am not working for anyone else's agenda.

Before we expect the citizens to clean their yards and pick up trash and pay taxes and obey traffic laws and engage in civic action projects and plant trees and vegetables and walk to work and refrain from bribing public officials we will need a complete change in leadership. There is no other way.

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