Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

What a beautiful day we had today in the Oklahoma panhandle. Warm weather, clear skies and not much wind. The children had a great time hunting for eggs and the two little ones spent almost the entire afternoon playing with a sprinkler contraption. Both girls are now sound asleep.

D-Day is less than 2 months away. My wife and I are so excited. We gave ten years of our lives to Guymon and we intend to give at least ten years back to the Philippines. We hope that with our return, we will be able to prove that it is possible to go back home again with a little downsizing as well as with a serious review/reflection of what truly matters in our lives.

There is an indecent number of " Overseas Filipino Workers" in every part of the world and it may be wishful thinking to hope to get a lot of my countrymen back should the conditions in the Philippines improve sufficiently. But having been an "OFW" these last 17 years convinces me that this is a goal worth fighting for.

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