Monday, May 29, 2006


We have a date. I had originally planned to return on June 12 which is Philippine Independence Day until upon further research, I learned that the United States granted us independence on July 4, 1946. How suitable that I will be home on the 60th anniversary of this auspicious occasion. One of my classmates in high school has become the governor of Leyte province. How wonderful it would be to wade across the Leyte gulf beach and repeat the words uttered by Douglas MacArthur "I have returned".

Although I realize now that I had never truly left the Philippines. I was simply on an extended, learning vacation. I have always kept current with what was going on and my twice-a-year trips back home have always sustained my spirit and kept me firmly grounded.

If I had been a scion to a fabulous fortune or a political dynasty, I might never have sought to go elsewhere for life-lessons but my wife and I realized very early on that financial independence was essential to leading a life lived to your our own specifications. We have no regrets let me make myself clear. You do the best you can with whatever cards you are dealt.

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