Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Genetic Pool

I am a firm believer in the genetic pool. What do I mean by this. The Philippines has a population of 87 million people. In my time, there was only one single state-subsidized medical school, the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. My 1989 class was composed of 142 students. To this day, I am confident that pound for pound, we could compete with Harvard.

This brings me to my message for the day. I have no doubt that if the 13 colonies in 1776 were able to assemble a group of far-sighted geniuses who would be able to draft the Declaration of Independence and a formidable Constitution, we also have in the Philippines today a surfeit of talent and genius that will reel us back in record time. The substrate is there. We are not starting from scratch. Our country has a long history and we have generations of educated as well as patriotic people who will bring us back.

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