Friday, July 7, 2006

Call to Action

I attended today a meeting of dedicated volunteers who are working towards educating people about their voting responsibilities. They began with a well-crafted presentation regarding the age-old problems besetting the Philippines and they proposed to put an end to most of these problems through the education of the electorate.

Very noble goals pursued by well-meaning and sincere people. I truly hope they will succeed. The biggest obstacle will be the generalized cynicism that envelopes this nation. The cynicism and corresponding apathy is so deep it is palpable. The tropical humidity that is close to 100% does not compare to the prevailing degree of cynicism.

I wish that all it will take to resolve these ancient problems will be careful and thoughtful analysis but I know better. Everyone knows about the corruption and the pollution and the poverty and the diseases and the unacceptable disparity in wealth. But it will take more than an all out war against the progressive elements in the countryside and it will take far more than finding new onerous tax revenues for the government and it will take more than paying the criminal interest rates on the many loans that were secured in behalf of the Filipino people that ended up being used in the innumerable election campaigns and it will certainly need more than changing the constitution once again.

A personal revolution is required from each one of us. That being too ideal and impractical, a personal revolution

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