Monday, July 17, 2006


Today was a full day at the clinic. I realize I have lasted so long at this pace because I enjoy seeing patients and I have never considered it a job. Getting paid to do something you love doing is comparable to Tiger Woods (although I make a tiny tiny fraction of what he makes). Imagine being paid millions of dollars to play in a golf course early in the morning?

My wife and I never stopped giving thanks for whatever we had built in Guymon. Luck, hard work, doing good must have contributed to what we had although we became even more aware of the fact that it wasn't because of whatever we did that we became blessed. And ultimately, this became the principal reason why we had to see how we could help even more people.

Man has always searched for meaning. In the middle ages, theology was considered the Queen of the sciences. Seeing our patients live their lives we found out that it was those people who unselfishly rendered service notwithstanding their lifetime earnings who were happiest and most fulfilled at the end of their lives. These were the ones who went willingly. We wanted to think that we learned something from all this and it was that we wanted to focus on what mattered in the end. I don't think it's ever too late, and sure we have our little regrets but it is in not doing anything about it that will doom us to a loss of faith.

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