Friday, August 11, 2006

Industrial Revolution

Never mind that we may be 200 years behind but it is time to avail of modern tools. Carpenters don't have electric drills and saws and it requires so much more time and energy to perform tasks that any weekend worker in the US will finish in a fraction of the time it takes our professional carpenters to complete. Numerous laborers can be seen digging and toiling the entire day what a lone heavy equipment operator can accomplish in a few hours. Our farmers continue to rely on carabaos and wooden farm implements which explains why the ratio is still one farmer to a couple of hectares where in the US, one farmer with a combine can easily handle 500 hectares.

The argument has always been what our laborers will do with all the extra time and energy. This is a demeaning argument. Every human must be allowed to complete their tasks in the most efficient manner. This is the reason why we need to "recreate" whatever extra time we have in order that we do not lose sight of why we need to work in the first place.

We will never get our National act together until we recognize that other people's time is as valuable as ours.

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