Thursday, August 17, 2006


Haven't posted anything in a while because I was undercover. My complete anonymity allows me to go around everywhere and observe and talk to people and listen to them. To those who think that the poor in Manila are poor need to go to the Visayas because the poor are even more wretched there (if at all this is even possible). I will visit Mindanao next because I am told to expect even worse conditions!

A fast and effective way to contain corruption in a society where nursing exams are leaked, little league qualifications are doctored, election results are rigged and customs and tax agents are routinely bribed is to slide towards anarchy. Cut governmental supervision. Abolish laws and minimize licensing. Standardize tax collection, integrate the armed forces into an effective constabulary that will protect and not take advantage of the people. Competition must be encouraged and political dynasties dismantled.

We need to be obsessed with the future. We are being eaten alive.

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