Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What our Nation Needs

Back in the Peens, everyone wants to know what I plan to do for the endless problems preventing our country from taking off and getting our national act together. I haven't developed a stump speech yet and I am always at a loss as to where to start. Quite an unfair question but it will always be the first question. Sell your ideas regarding national rebirth in 25 words or less.

A good place to start has been to emphasize the potential strength of 85 million united people working towards national goals. Gross national product depends on the number of pairs of hands engaged in production. Turn the heavy weight of a large population around and convert it to a potent force for change. It will not take many lifetimes if we can only catch that spark that will initiate the change cascade.

More than anything, we need committed citizens to rise from this hopeless morass. Committed citizens totally apart from these entrenched political dynasties that have gotten us nowhere. Committed citizens who realize that defaulting on their civic obligations is an overt response which will condemn our nation to the widespread corruption and apathy that has forever strangled our national dreams.

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