Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All Set

I have been going around the country for close to 4 months now. In many ways, this time has been a continuation of my 17 year exile in the US. Preparation. Preparation. The time is drawing closer towards the implementation phase of my plans. Right now, the country is waiting for the Supreme Court to render a decision on whether or not to change the constitution. Whatever the outcome will certainly influence any future plans.

I remain committed to casting my lot in what appears to be an arid, dynasty-dominated political landscape. After much soul-searching, my biggest conclusion remains: We need to take our country back. We need to start speaking for ourselves lest we allow other old voices to continue speaking for us largely out of our own apathy and persistent willingness to default on our social responsibilities.

We need to wrest ourselves from this pervasive mentality of "election-cycle politics". Notice how many long-term projects are accomplished in our nation. There are no pyramids, giant dams, inter-island bridges and highways, intensive teacher-training courses because most politicians go after projects that are completed before each election cycle. Hardly anyone is interested in long-term investments and plans that will produce dividends long after political lives are spent. As a result we have become transformed into a nation that is strong on fluff.

We insist upon a subsistence-based economy. We are not worried that we are not a sufficiently-productive nation. We are so way behind.

It has never been because of a lack of ideas. It has never been because we lacked committed and dedicated people. It has never been due to indolence. I know, from seeing some of the millions of Filipinos forced to go abroad that whenever we are transplanted elsewhere we become more industrious and independent, more creative and concerned, more law-abiding and disciplined. I know that we have an abundance of creative energy and raw talent that is untapped because we have no effective leaders who will unite and inspire this demoralized and blighted land.

I would never have gone back if I felt that the Philippines was a hopeless case. It is obviously sick. But the people need to know that the Doctor is in the house.

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