Monday, September 18, 2006

Public Servants

There are many public servants but the one big difference between teachers, members of the armed forces, firemen, government employees and politicians is that the successful politician has access to a whole lot of money and resources. This is the reason why politicians can change society in a way no other profession can. A politician is entrusted with the sacred responsibility of protecting the common good.

Public Servant-Politicians need to be selfless. They should not aspire to accumulate wealth and power from the stewardship that is entrusted to them. They must always be vigilant and even partial at times in protecting the weak and the helpless. And while there is an art to getting elected, politicians need to be astute enough to understand that there is a science in governing. Nobody has a birthright to political office. Politicians must continue to believe even after getting elected that public service entails enormous personal sacrifice.

The Public needs to make sure that politics does not become the refuge of scoundrels.

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