Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why We Have No New Leaders

Awash in problems, with people dying why is it that there is such a dearth of new leaders willing to make a commitment to work for goals that will produce lasting positive changes that will mainly benefit the weak and the poor?

The political system we have here is lopsidedly stacked against citizens who are not politically-connected and hence politically uncompromised.

There are so many hurdles and legal requirements that effectively disqualify all "non-players". The search will have to center upon this person who made a fortune outside of the Philippines because anyone who has made or inherited big sums in the Philippines will have to have made arrangements with the Internal Revenue Service, agrarian reform, the police, the local city government as well as what seems to be the innumerable licensing agencies that form an impregnable wall of politics/business as usual.

This person must make provisions for the security of his/her family; say goodbye to privacy and be prepared to work harder nonstop and put every material consideration on hold while she or he is fully prepared to part with not part but all the honestly hard-earned money saved.

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