Saturday, December 30, 2006


Last day of what has been a year of great change. Spent half of the year in the US and the other half in the Philippines. My daughters have adjusted magnificently and they look forward to going to school each day. They have made many new friends and they are slowly learning the language of their parents.

We have spent much time with family members and we continue to rediscover the country we were away from for 17 years. All in all, a great vacation so far.

But what to do now and for the rest of our lives. There are opportunities to get actively involved, to join the political fray, a chance to become an agent for change. This will certainly crimp on our current vacation way of life and will mean less time spent with my daughters. And yet if I do not move now I will only strengthen the forces of inertia.

Nobody should live or die for oneself alone. That would be meaningless. The struggle to do good in a blighted world against very long odds is a noble cause. There is so much work to be done and we must start soon.

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