Sunday, December 17, 2006

Forgiving People

Just as some golf clubs are known for their "forgiveness", we Filipinos have to be one of the most forgiving people anywhere. It takes a lot of heat to make us reach our boiling point. This is definitely not a bad national quality, it only allows us to be abused rather easily. Case in point is the rally that was scheduled to take place today. Half a million people were expected to join and about 20 thousand showed. Granted that our hardworking congressmen completely turned around from their far from subtle efforts to perpetuate themselves in power, I still expected a little more output from the perennially oppressed.

Now even the president has joined the church's call for "character change" in lieu of charter change. These politicians need to realize that they have become part of the problem. I guess it does take a certain amount of grace however, to be able to pause and think and view one's condition from a different perspective. All the more difficult if you've been immersed in politics all your life.

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