Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Internet Trouble

Unable to post anything new because there was no internet access for 5 days on account of a storm that lashed through the country! Realized how dependent I had become on the internet--from email to the news to travel arrangements to banking and bill paying, I could never have returned physically home to the Philippines without the internet.

But now I am back. I wish I was in Manila so I could take part in a giant indignation rally on Sunday organized by various religious groups to protest the indecent manner in which our congressional representatives are trying to force changes in our constitution. Granted that the constitution can stand a few revisions, ordinary folk here are flabbergasted at the sudden burst of energy that some of our congressmen have exhibited, working late into the early morning hours just so they manage to get their way again.

Entirely forgotten once again are the innumerable poor. As always, political expediency and selfish, narrow self-interests rule the day.

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