Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Uphill Climb

There is nothing certain in Philippine politics. The May 2007 elections that had seemed a foregone conclusion last October was once again in jeopardy over the last few weeks. After the giant rally did not materialize, we again do not know if the election will take place. For now though, most everything stops because of the Christmas holiday. These fitful interruptions benefit the well-entrenched (what a surprise) and the uncertainty only heightens the cynicism of those outside the game.

I never imagined that this would be a blitzkrieg campaign. It will be a long, arduous uphill climb. But we need to persevere. Bill Moyers wrote: "We can't change the whole world overnight. There will always be heroes and villains. Let's just have some more heroes. And let's try to be a hero just a little bit more every day of our lives."

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