Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Behavioral Changes

Per Olofsson is a Swedish inventor who is marketing a novel innovation, solar-powered airconditioning. A thermochemical reaction between water and salt results in heat exchange. This would be a wonderful improvement for a materially-poor but sun-rich country like the Philippines. The technology is rather expensive but Olofsson's main concern is how to convince populations to exploit sustainable energy sources. "Changing behavior is more difficult than changing technology."

Across the Atlantic, Jim Poss from Massachusetts is an alternative-energy entrepreneur who invented a solar-powered trash compaction system that will make trash pick-ups less often. Apparently, the US spends $45 billion annually to haul garbage away and this converts to 180,000 diesel trucks rolling around the streets every single day.

Two wonderful innovations that will help preserve our environment arising from areas relatively deficient (compared to the Philippines) in sunlight. Why an impoverished nation straddling the equator cannot pursue harnessing solar energy full time presently escapes me. Another reason why I need to be in some position where I can find out the real reasons behind this disconnect.

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