Monday, January 29, 2007

Early Morning Awakening

Woke up at 3 am today, totally convinced that I was just going to play golf daily and spend as much time as I could with my growing daughters. At that hour, it was crystal clear to me that the time, money, security concerns, loss of privacy was simply not worth it considering the votes would not be properly counted anyway. At the break of dawn, my apprehensions became somewhat manageable. Makes me admire all these professional pols even more. They seem to flourish in this evil environment. What is humbling about all this is that everybody seems to be praying for guidance and everybody appears to be sincere in wanting to help the poor and the weak.

There must be some study out there that tracks the descent of good intentions. Where in the parabola is the break point? When do heroes capable of great sacrifice become the problem? I will report to you as a neophyte that the decision is not an easy one. Much as I'd like to stipulate that my involvement will consist of a limited period of time, I really do not know. It would be a mark of hubris to be making such declarations.

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