Monday, February 26, 2007

Most Frequent Question

We were "launched" as candidates by the party yesterday. The historic ballroom of the Club Filipino was jampacked and banners bearing our names and visages adorned the large hall. There was a press conference that followed and the most frequent question concerned our being "unwinnables". I re-framed the question in this manner: if after heavy discernment and you are convinced that you have something to offer your country but you are intimidated by the 200 million peso traditional politics "entry fee"; afraid that your votes will not be counted; certain that the people will go for the popular celebrities and then decide to remain on the sidelines, then you will have proven yourself "unwinnable" without even trying.

"Unwinnable" is a product of mediagenesis that is harmful to a nation's politics. It is harmful to a nation's politics because it discourages many potential philosopher-thinker-leaders from entering into the fray of "franchise politics" and it is also harmful because the ruling administration will play it safe most of the time by promoting celebrity-lightweights over serious nationalists.

Personally I will try my very best to get one vote at a time for as long as it is legally permitted. I long ago refused to allow these same political actors from speaking for me. Collectively, they have done enough damage. To sit-out of this terrible mess and instead focus on steadily reducing my golf handicap is no longer an option. From an electoral viewpoint, I may be "unwinnable" but I would not want to lose on infinitely more important principles.

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