Sunday, March 4, 2007


Here in Bacolod, I got to think how things went our way to enable me and my family to return home. Just imagine if I had been diagnosed with cancer, and a few of my classmates have already been stricken with this terrible illness or if one of my 4 daughters had a condition that required treatment in the US or if our clinic did not allow us to become financially many blessings that I can't ascribe to my hard work and perseverance alone. This is probably a major reason why I have become a little bit more spiritual in my middle age, after seeing many patients suffer diseases nobody on earth deserves and witnessing how injustice has become part of the daily grind of so many people. Human acts do not just count for that much.

My return home is the result of a confluence of blessed circumstances and I should continue to view this opportunity as nothing less than a rare privilege to serve others. It is my responsibility to get this through as far as I can.

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