Friday, March 9, 2007

Busy Days

The last few days have been very busy and I expect the pace to pick-up even more. I am meeting a lot of people and I am seeing so many new facets in our society. And while there is widespread hopelessness and cynicism I feel that people want to participate again. I feel that they want to resume reading newspapers again. I have heard many a regret about not having voted for a while. Bringing these people back to caring about the future of our country is a solid first step towards taking our country back from the clutches of traditional politics.

Attended today a symposium of college students. My invitation had been an afterthought the night before the event for two candidates from the "Genuine Opposition" had confirmed their attendance. As I expected, the two did not show. I felt for the idealistic organizers of the event who still had no idea that when the stakes are high, it just does not pay to engage in retail politics. But when your mission is for the conversion of a corrupt system these are the meetings that matter and I had a wonderful time engaging people half my age for an hour and a half discussing my dreams and their dreams for our country.

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