Thursday, March 29, 2007

Election 2007 Podcast

Podcast Interview - Part 1

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donshot said...

I just finished listening to your podcast.Your simple, clear,logical and down-to-earth presentation of your reasons for running for Senator and your action plan are very impressive and inspiring. You have articulated very well, in a positive way, what is in the hearts and minds of our Filipino brothers and sisters.
I will email the transcript of your interview (send text msg or call) to my relatives, friends, former colleagues and kababayans and convince them to vote for you.I believe you are God-sent.Continue to draw strength, courage and inspiration from our LORD, so you can continue to share the same and bring deeper faith and hope in every Pinoy/Pinay you meet during this campaign.You are already a WINNER! With God,everything is possible!

mae ann said...

Doc Bautista, I've noticed how very unlike Gloria and her Team U nity you are. This Administration DOES NOT like feedback. All it wants is for all of us to just sit and watch and be intimidated by its show of might. "might makes right" is THE rule. Via your personal website and AKPP's, our brothers and sisters in these 3 big islands are encouraged to give feedback and be heard. Hope your websites remain even after you win.

Bone Doc said...

Miracles do happen brod. You are already a winner!

I made a link of your site to my blog, and wrote an article about you and your party mates..

john marzan said...

Hi Doc! I just want to ask you additional question that the PDI gang failed to ask you. Here goes:

1) What do you think of the Hello garci issue? Should she resign, or finish her term anyway (even if she and garci rigged the elections?)

2) What's your take on Satur Ocampo's arrest and it's timing? Legit case or the admin just playing politics before the elections?

3) Are you for the scrapping of the Pork Barrel?

4) Are you in favor of reducing, increasing or maintaining our taxes numbers? Should we lower the EVAT? Do you think the gov't is doing too much spending, or too little? Should we tax to spend more for gov't programs? Or tax less, so that people get to keep more of their own money?

5) Should we legalize jueteng? What are your views on PAGCOR's plan to set up planning to set up a $15-$20 billion Las Vegas style gambling center along the Manila Bay? If some of the gambling money earned at that gambling center will be donated to the Church and other charities, would you agree with the setup?

6) Do we have a population problem? Is our population rate is too high to support? Which family planning program would you want the government to adopt, Ramos or Arroyo's?

nursing1998 said...

Are you already an American citizen? Is your wife an American citizen?

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

Sorry for the late reply as my DSL was down for 4 days and I just got back from Cagayan de Oro. To begin with, I am not a US citizen. I was eligible to have become one a long time ago but I chose not to because of the oath that I would have had to take: "to renounce and abjure" the Philippines. I felt that was too much of a concession relative to the advantages it would have conferred (less visas, less hassle with a US passport, capability to run for elective office...).

Satur was released today so that took care of that harassment problem. I am against the legalization of jueteng because daily gambling has been shown to be an unproductive habit that weakens our national character. Has PAGCOR accomplished anything except to centralize official corruption?

As a Senatorial candidate, I would like to respectfully ask Mrs. Arroyo if she contacted Garcillano and if that contact resulted in Garcillano stealing even one vote. If she says she did not contact Garcillano, case closed. If she admits to having called Garcillano in 2004 and one vote was added to her tally, she must resign immediately and call for snap elections to coincide with the May 14 polls. We cannot afford to have an illegitimate President who tampered with the one sacred duty we must all perform. Everything else follows: because through corruption (and ours is a lethal form of corruption which results in the death of our countrymen when they can't buy medications for diabetes and hypertension and they can't afford to buy nutritious food...) we diminish human life, extrajudicial killings will simply increase in frequency, the COMELEC will continue to brazenly disrespect the will of the people, trapos will continue to spend enormous amounts of money in order to continue a business arrangement that greatly profits numerous political dynasties; importation of medicine will be preferred to producing our own appropriate medications because there is more corruption whenever we import goods; trapos will think nothing of switching parties indiscriminately; red tape will persist and even become more extensive owing to the added corruption layer every added length brings; we become calloused to human rights violations.

Pork barrel, the way it is apportioned today needs to be scrapped. If there is some way I can turn over my entire check to say Gawad Kalinga, I would do that but no such mechanism exists.

Vee said...

Martin Bau, bow ako sa yo! Kayo lang sa Kapatiran ang iboboto ko! I love you, Lucky! -ateV, kapatid ni MaryRose A.

baycas said...

Dr. Martin Bautista: Madam President, I’m running for the Senate and I would just like to ask…did you call on Mr. Virgilio Garcillano in 2004?

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: No.

Dr. Martin Bautista: Oh…thank you, Madam President. You may go on with your duty as President of the Republic.


hahaha…as if you’ll be answered by gloria truthfully…LOL.

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

baycas, I understand the proposal sounds so naive but our legislative leaders totally missed the boat and there is nothing much that we can do at this point. This is a strong reason why you should help me because this is what trapo politics is all about, leaders afraid to do right, in this case seeking the truth, because they are all so afraid to disrupt a system that they greatly benefit from.

nursing1998 said...

The "baycas"-imaginary conversation with GMA and you posits another question.

How do you know when people around you are lying to you? This may be especially relevant because you have been away from Pinas for quite many years.

And how do you prevent yourself from giving voters (the tempting simplistic) words that they want to hear (like your GMA/Garci response), versus the truth?

Anonymous said...

Doc: I just want you to know that you confuse me in regards your position on "pro-life" / "pro-choice". You just posted that when you are in America, you are "pro-choice" and respect the woman's ability to choose.

But now that you are in the Philippines, you are pro-life. Is this politics?

Does this mean that the advice you give your daughter goes one way if you are talking while in Oklahoma, then the advice changes when the two of you are talking when she visits you in the Philippines?

nursing1998 said...

((abortion pro-life/pro-choice question))) it was me who posted the question....

nursing1998 said...

I can't help but ask.... are you afraid of the Roman Catholic church? I mean, we all know that there are many issues that can help this country but for which the Roman Catholic church is "on the opposite side", e.g. contraceptives for HIV/AIDS control and the even simpler question of sex-education.

nursing1998 said...

Doc, I hope you don't mind that I am asking tough questions. I actually have more to ask, but I'll stop now.... I just realize that I do not know if this blogsite of yours is reserved only for your cheering squad.

Paul Martinez said...


Is it because Dr. Bautista hasn't responded to your questions within 24 hours that you think this is reserved only for the pro-bautista crowd.

Some of your questions are actually tackled/answered elsewhere in this blog. But some patience might do all of us good. Wait for the response.

The mere fact that it is unmoderated should give any intelligent, open-minded person a clue that it is for general consumption, pro, anti, or undecided.

Let's be civilized.

Cyber Istambay said...

I agree with Paul, some people are just so amazingly demanding with an independent underdog. How I wish they were these demanding with the trapos then we would not have reached this pathetic stage of our bankrupt political process.

But nooooo they just have to put Martin in a position that can alienate him with his catholic following. I can understand how people feel strongly on certain issues such as abortion, this is an issue of dammed if you do and damned if you don't.

The point is we have a candidate who recognizes the bankrupcy of the trapos and leading by example where people can comfortably follow in our quest for a better Philippines. You weaken and alienate him with the catholic majority voters what good then is his stand if he is for or against the abortion issue if he does not win?

The fact is there is no single candidate who has a point of view or stand that you can tottaly agree with, is there a trapo that can identify or resemble with the ideals and aspirations of Martin?

Like it or not but if you prefer those trapos then maybe you guys should bug them on this issue that you feel very strongly. Unlike the trapos Martin will be easy to deal with because he is one who believes in a strong vigilant constituency.

Paul is right you have to read Martin's previous entry in this blog and you will get to know what kind of person he is and why he deserves your support and vote.

nursing1998 said...

This is what Doc Bautista said :
"Here in the Philippines, we don't have a Roe v Wade. Abortion is illegal. There is no choice here. Yet 500,000 abortions are performed each year. Women, mostly in their thirties with 5 or more children, who decide to have an abortion know exactly where to go to. Yet no serious effort to stop this tragic problem appears to be within the horizon. We all need to realize that this is not a population problem. It is a problem of how to prevent any more abortions."

What is Doc's proposal to stop the abortions?

And what about the 500,000 abortion-procedures happening every year? This is a serious --- there is butchery going on because the government refuses to allow hospitals and clinics to perform the medical procedures. Iyong iba, ang gamit lang, hanger!!!

Filipinas are dying and they do not have to.

No, doc has not answered me yet.