Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Most Corrupt in Asia

Whenever you drive around Manila, the most important article to have close to you is not your license, your registration papers or insurance card. Don't ever drive without cash. This will get you out of any fix. We were able to displace Indonesia today as the most corrupt nation in the region. Somehow, I am not as bothered by this disturbing news because I am focusing on my campaign. It's as if I am finally doing something about it. Yesterday, I attended a gripe session with 200 of the urban poor. They fulminated for about 2 hours and I was given 5 minutes to react and I told them what I thought of their plight.

Whose fault is it if we continuously return these traditional politicians every election cycle because of their empty promises and bribe money? Is there any wonder why when we approach them after the elections they tell us in so many words and actions that they don't owe us anything because they had already purchased our votes? How many generations will it take for these vulnerable people to realize that their lives are only getting worse? We cannot expect these traditionals to change a system that enables them to build mansions, cultivate political connections and send their children to schools abroad. A system that will allow their progeny an outsize advantage to continue these dynasties.

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