Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Campaign Update

32 odd days left before election day. Suddenly the Kapatiran 3 are now turning down invitations from tv interviews because of scheduling conflicts. Attended a lunch forum with journalists and was asked, as usual how we felt about our “unwinnable” status. Some people just don’t get it: we are doing this for the country, how, in what way can we lose? At the end of the deal, this “tight” crowd actually passed the hat and presented us with a modest contribution. This phenomenon happens almost always wherever we go, before priests and nuns, students, business professionals…just like a strong breeze to whip-up flagging sails.

I have seen so much suffering and so much corruption these last 8 weeks and I find my resolve not to compromise become even stronger. More than ever, I reject corruption, poverty and violence. I am full of hope going into the homestretch.


Elna Loberiano said...

Will definitely vote for you Dr Bautista! Some Pinoy friends who are also resident in London, UK are also voting for you. Praying you'll get elected. God bless!

Prudence said...

I do hope you win :-) The country needs to have leaders such as you. But I hope, by your win, people will realize that not only the leaders should change but also the citizens. Good luck to you :-)

Sef said...

While the usual candidates and political parties pass on dole outs to their voters, the AngKap actually gets voluntary contritubutions from them!

That's another difference between this party and the tradpols... and that is another reason why I am voting only PS&B!

A Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer said...

Having Martin Bautista, Zosimo Paredes & Adrian Sison in AKP is an event that comes only once in a lifetime (hopeless Philippine politcal corrupted culture) wherein we see a glimmer of hope towards our trek for a better Philippines.

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Lalon said...

hey i just wanna say that i heard your inquirer podcast interview and really liked your ideas.. that's why i'm gonna vote for you and will tell my friends to vote for you as well.. we're in bad need of people like you.. hope you win. (^^,)

Manuel Maniquis said...

I admire your conviction, dedication and sacrifice to correct the "wrongs" in our Motherland.

Like you and millions of other kababayans who were outside toiling for the almighty dollar in order give his/her family a better future, I also wish that someday I can go back to my Homeland with a secured feeling both physically and financially.

I donot believe in voting in the Philippine elections anymore but the sincerety I feel that your party is espousing deserves support from all Filipinos who is so desperate to see change in our country.

Our prayers are with you, your family and supporters.