Monday, May 14, 2007

D-Day Eve

I could never have imagined how this campaign would have turned out but I had to see for myself. No regrets. Got the chance to see the country, talk to a bunch of people. I was forced to think about the many problems that we have. Most important was I was able to validate the reality that there are so many people out there who agree that our country is in dire need of no less than non-violent revolution. If we hope to ever get out of this hole, conservative measures will not do.

I like to think that participating in this election changed some things for the better. Three months ago, I was wailing about a system that subverted the sweepstakes office into becoming a revenue source for the President, instead of supporting the anti-tuberculosis foundation that it was originally established for. Last week, the sweepstakes office was transferred back to the Department of Health. By putting more money into the effort to control TB, hopefully the 75 daily deaths will be reduced.

There was also some chatter about the debt problem and it was satisfying to get quoted by fellow candidates regarding my positions on healthcare and education. And though limited, there was a little debate on critical issues that resulted from this exercise.

Our final campaign day was spent in Cavite. Passing by the house in Kawit where independence was proclaimed 111 years ago made me think yet again of how we messed things up. Why could we not have acquired more from the many positive attributes of Spanish, American and Japanese cultures? Result is we have narrow national roads, entrepreneurship consisting of selling sachets of shampoo, youth aspiring to leave our country posthaste.

I will sleep soundly tonight. I need to keep my mind clear and my heart pure for the battle ahead.


Kuya Robert said...

Dr. Bautista, I just voted, and guess what? I VOTED FOR YOU! I know you'll make a difference! I hope I can call you Senator Bautista and see you personally soon!

Anonymous said...

I just voted for you! And I will vote for you again in the next elections if you are still as principled and idealistic.

Delfin said...

I just voted for you!

In 2010 do create a stronger organization (with deeper pockets so you can advertise better). You may even want to join Manny Villar who, I suspect, will run for president. Please avoid Panfilio Lacson's camp.

marian said...

hello sir! it's only my second time to vote, thank God i'm still registered (my parents' names have miraculously vanished from the precinct list). i admire your brave efforts. i'm off to our barangay center in a few hours and your name will be in my ballot.

Kurt said...

i just voted for you. i've also asked every voter i know to vote for you and endorse you to their friends as well. keep it up doc!

dehranph said...

hi sir martin,

thanks to, if its not for the show Isang Tanong and Pito-pito, I would have missed the opportunity to give you a chance to lead our country [hopefully].

Sayang nga lng medyo nahuli na ako, ilan araw lng ang natitra bago kita naikampnya. Today before I vote, I asked all of my relatives to suport you. In simple way, I made sample ballots with you on my top 5. On my precinct I talked to my barangay-mates and surprisingly they have incomplete list of senators. LOL, so pinuwersa ko na hahaha, i wrote down you name on each sample ballots with blank entry.

In our small town of Bagong Pook, Rosario, Batangas, for sure you have a least 10 counts from my family :).

fyi, online communities support you.

good luck doc, keep it up. i am sure you can make a difference, come what may.

reeyah said...

everyone in my family voted for you. :)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you too. I'm from SPUQC and Atty. Bautista happens to be my professor in Philippine Constitution. I saw you there at the Reuter theatre. Am praying that the Kapatiran will win. For the Senators list, I only voted for the Kapatiran plus four other candidates. Pati mga kamag-anak ko, ikinampanya ko kayo sa kanila. The Kapatiran is the only group that is idealistic and passionate about bringing back the good-old-fashioned values to Philippine politics.

The Opacos said...

Mabuhay kayong mga kapatiran. Binoto namin kayo. Kahit anong mangyari Doc sana ipagpatuloy ninyo ang inyong pagtulong sa ating bansa.

Narinig ko na karamihan ng mga miyembro ng SFC at CFC ibinoto kayo. Buong pamilya ko kasama ng aking mga in-laws binoto kayong mga Kapatiran.

Anonymous said...

Hi doc! i voted for you! i also asked a lot of people to vote for you. i know that your chances to win may be a little slim but i really do hope that on the next election you'll run again and I will have more time to campaign for you! Keep the passion burning! you made me believe that there's still hope for us Filipinos..

Emer said...

Exit polls ko, puro kasama ka daw sa listahan nila. I voted in Manila. Let's hope for the best.

charleslemark said...

i voted for you..
i believe that you and Ang Kapatiran has the will to change our country!

pete said...

I voted for you as well, I wish you luck wherever life will take you next.

jun said...

Thank you very much for giving us hope again. The quest for a better tomorrow continues.

Remain steadfast and positive. Be strong and faithful.

Our gratitude for taking up the banner of fighting the good fight.

With people like you, our children will see a better Philippines!

Leth said...

Dr. Bautista, I was not able to vote because I could not return to my home province in Batanes for the elections, but I asked all my relatives and friends to vote for you.

Next time, I will transfer my registration to Manila so that I can vote for you myself.

If you do not win, please try again.

angie said...

My whole family voted for you and I really hope that you and the other Kapatiran candidates win. But if not, I really hope that your party continues with your plans to serve the people even after the elections. I know that if you start an activity/NGO/movement many people will help your cause.

Don't lose hope. We're rooting for you.God Bless!