Sunday, May 20, 2007


Can’t deny the fact that we have a genius for getting things done when we want to. Fr. Ed Panlilio, erstwhile parish priest of Betis, Pampanga now the Governor of Pampanga province recounted in an interview how his opponents paid sums of money to people living in his hometown and in his bailiwicks so they would not vote. In exchange for the cash, registered voters voluntarily disenfranchised themselves by applying indelible ink on their index fingers on the eve of the elections.

In 2004, voter turnout in Pampanga was 75%. It was 61% for this election. In the end, despite all the malevolent machinations, Fr. Ed won by a little more than 1000 votes. It was close and we rejoice with the Kapampangans.

If only we could apply all these creative energies towards productive and honest labor. Instead we try our best to find means to get around immigration laws, licensing requirements, traffic rules, ethical business practices. We hurt our country whenever we avoid our civic duties. Part of the damage comes from the mentality that the poor who willingly sell their votes deserve their wretched lives. We no longer feel that it is our duty to be responsible for one another.

The struggle to retake our country will be long and difficult but it will be a meaningful one. We need to apply some of our genius on this struggle.


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you dr. bautista! Ours is a culture of convenience. The rules only apply when it is to the advantage of a person.

Anonymous said...

If Filipinos vote as Filipinos in the US had voted, then both mutineers Trillanes and Honasas do not make it into the Senate.

If Filipinos vote as Filipinos in Singapore had voted, then both mutineers Trillanes and Honasas do not make it into the Senate.

Sam said...

We dont have a monopoly on corruption and inept leaders. Same things are happening all over the third world.

jonphil said...

Why aspire to be at par with other 3rdworld countries ridden with corruption and inept leaders?

It’s like telling our children it’s ok not be honest anyway most filipinos neither are.


I'm a Kapampangan and I really rejoiced when I found out that Among Ed won the tumultuous election despite rumors I got of cheating by another candidate. There is hope! ^_^