Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Yard

This is the first time that I am uploading photos in this blog. These were provided by Ryan Matzek, aka "Dr. Paul, Doctor of Good Times" of Guymon, OK. These are portions of our award-winning backyard in Park Lane. My wife and I would make many trips to the various area nurseries and pick out the flora that would suit our garden best. In 10 years, we planted more than 20 trees in our house alone. The foliage is lush because of the compost that I painstakingly applied each year.

The third photo shows a small grill surrounded by benches. When the night would become nippy, we'd put a few logs into the grill and huddle around the fire. Only the greatest drinkers in the region have merited an invitation to drink around that spot. The top photo reveals the porch coming from the master bedroom where there are 2 fountains that provide the sound of falling water the whole day. The second picture gives a peek of the side wrought-iron gate custom ordered from New Mexico which leads to a pergola encrusted with wisteria vines that harbors a patio arising from our beloved library. I'd better stop before I begin considering a career with Architectural Digest.


Anonymous said...

Soon to follow the desire to return to Oklahoma.... we will understand.

jam said...

most be nice to sit down, drink beer and just watch the world go by in your lawn especially during spring and summer time. Bet you missed that space while stuck in manila traffic

R.G. Lacsamana, M.D. said...

That is indeed a beautiful backyard that must beckon the good doctor and his family to go back there. Do they still own the house and are they planning on going back after those crushing political realities back home?

I admire his idealism, but I think he must now realize that conditions back home have not changed much. I would have preferred that he started not with the Senate, but with something like a candidacy for governor or for congressman, from which he could launch a bid for something bigger. A priest, for example, won the post of governor in Pampanga, which tells us there is indeed a cry for change. The Senate, unfortunately, is a bad starting point.

Is the doc going to tell us of his future plans? I liked his agenda, as did a lot of people, but that was not enough to overcome those hurdles as a rookie national candidate. Too bad voters missed a chance to choose a talented candidate.

Good luck, however, on whatever he wants to do next. I believe he has that name recognition now, even in defeat.

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

They're still counting the ballots after 2 weeks! Doesn't this strike anybody as un#&*$believable anymore? We shouldn't look at the elections as an end. It was the introduction of a heretofore unknown entity to the national stage. Without spending a single cent in TV, radio ads, looks like we'll make 700K votes, translating to approximately 10K converts each day. The problems of our country are so intractable serious applicants for the job to help mend it will require more than a congressional or mayoral position.

By running for the senate, I learned a lot and my resolve to help out in any way has only become stronger. I don't like to put it in this way but knowing how our traditional politicians operate, I sadly know that in 3 years I will be able to say the words: I told you so.

Anonymous said...


Since you were in residency, everybody knows that you will go back to the Philippines and run for public office.

Even Dr's Fruchter and Simko knows about it.

It is indeed sad that the state of our country's politics has become pathetic at best. This is the very same system that you were trying to change.

I still remember the days when your family welcome me and my family in Guymon. The yard where we used to sit has definitely changed.

I am not asking that you give up your dream, but you need to get back here . Your yard definitely needs some trimming.

Iowa doc!!!