Wednesday, May 9, 2007


You know times are tough when you can’t sing in the shower so you can conserve what’s left of your voice. Finding yourself at midnight in a squalid urban alley, speaking to a group of children (who are there for the movie to be shown after the speeches) and a few adults about why we need to change the way we conduct ourselves as citizens will certainly make you think hard and deep whether this is all worth it. When you find religious groups exhorting their followers to ignore a platform that seeks to return God and the good that He represents like truth, justice, love for the poor over likely winners who may return the favor in the future. When you constantly need to drive away hungry street urchins because you have no change left to give.

There is no way that you will complete this journey unless it completely becomes a faith-journey that is a work of grace, meaning God will do for us what we cannot do alone. But we must do our part.

It has been an extraordinary privilege, these last 3 months. Can’t say I could have spent this time in a better way. The educational experience is humbling. And there is so much hope out there. There are so many kindred spirits out there. It is only a matter of time before citizens of goodwill will join one another in peaceful reform. We cannot continue to tolerate all these human rights abuses without permanently diminishing our humanity.

Kaya’t huwag niyong aakalain na dahil ako ay napapagod at nanghihina paminsan-minsan ay handa na akong sumuko. Ngayong na-umpisahan ko na ito ay nananawagan ako sa lahat kayong mga Pilipinong nagmamahal sa ating Bayan na huwag mawalan ng pag-asa. Katungkulan nating lahat na pabutihin ang kalagayan ng ating Bayan. Wala nang atrasan ito.


Christine said...

dr bautista, you are a true pinoy! i really agree that we need to locally produce our drugs so we can have access to cheaper health care...and level the playing field in the workforce of men and women, i.e equal rank, work for equal pay. higher pay for college grads and stricter guidelines for entry to college, cutting diploma mills on the tertiary level...a driver who barely finishes high school is paid more than the college grad who should possess more critical thinking skills. it discourages young people from attaining high education.

Anonymous said...

Doc: When you run again in 2010, I hope that you get yourself a professional who will provide better advice on how to win elections in the Philippines. I think you will need 4 more persons as candidates so you can all campaign The Magnificent Seven which should make your group more memorable. You'll also need to understand how much money you'll need to raise. Even informal machineries will need funds, but you'll need funds in order to better "communicate" with the TV and newspaper editors. And as you have found out, mass media advertising (TV, radio, newspaper) will accelerate your group's ability to attract attention.
Lastly, I highly suggest that you get your wife to campaign along with you.
Good luck!!!

DreamBig said...

It has been our privilege, to share this experience with you through your blog. The best of luck to you, Martin.

rfm2md said...

Dr. Martin, you truly inspire me. We all have come to see the light. After losing hope in this country, now there's something to look forward to with people like you who made us realize that our country can be great again. Your name will definitely be on my ballot and on my family's and friends's.... Good luck!

Cory said...

wala na po talagang atrasan to...

may God be with you always Doc...

delfin said...

a few more days, then they will count the votes. Every vote for Doc Bautista represents a Filipino who remains hopeful that the future remains ours to look forward to, despite the tribulations.

timelessboulevard said...

You are already a winner. Your ideals surely made the political dynasties back home uncomfortable and more uncomfortable to say the least.

Whatever the results of the elections, thank you Dr. Martin for your spirit, thank you for inspiring us, and thank you for the offer of self to a country who has clouded her vision and soul more than enough. It has been a beautiful journey in itself following your vision through your blogs.

Mabuhay po kayo.

Anonymous said...

i believe in you dr. bautista. my first ballot, as a first-time voter, has your name on it. ;)
i hope more filipinos, who are as brillant as you decide to come back to the philippines and work here to help the country, instead of elsewhere.
i hope you and the other ang kapatiran members win. :) God bless!

peppy said...

The 3 of you show us what it is to love our country above ourselves.

If you have seen the magnetizing effect you have on many of us as you campaigned around the countryside, that is a sign that like you, people like us are tired of the old ways and want to renew this country with God in its center.

Let us start to prepare for 2010. You will become a potent force to contend with now that people are aware that not all who enter politics are trapos just out to enrich themselves at our expense.

viewfinder said...

Dear Dr. Bautista,

The surveys say that you already rock bottom in terms of popularity but not on my list. Don't lose hope sir, miracles still happen. If things don't turn out as they do, there's still 2010, here's one suggestion I'd like to have. You get people from marketing to support you. I see there are people like Dr. Dayrit in your organization to support however, you may ask students in business like management and marketing. You can get idealistic educators who are willing to make strategic plans and marketing campaigns. We have to admit that we belong to a country where intelligent voters are few in number and to be able to get a share in the voter's mind one has to "sell himself". Branding one's self is crucial to winning in this country. I can liken you to a superb product that just needs a little hype, there's no reason you could lose with the right tactics. I'm a business ad student, email me If you need help, I can give you suggestions. This country needs you and the only way I could give back to my country as a former iskolar ng bayan is to help someone like you who is also an iskolar ng bayan himself.

I am from Iloilo and a very few people especially from the lower sectors of society have heard of you. What I did however, was disseminate information about you by telling my friends about you. I told them you had a video on youtube and a blog on blogspot. They were truly inspired by that feature and still had the hopes that maybe there is still a future for this nation. I am glad that you stand firm on your principles and never accept any compromise. Stay strong sir. If I had something to keep your head high, here are the words of thomas jefferson, my favorite proponent of democracy, "in matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of style, swim with the current."

Jerome Hernandez said...

Dr. Bautista,

You just won.

Wether the election results are favorable or not, I still say and say again you just won. It's because every vote that you get represents not only one voter who chose you just like how they chose the other candidates, but it represents one person who BELIEVES and TRUSTS you. And this belief and trust is like a virus--it's contageous! Because it's genuine belief and trust. They didn't just vote for you because of recurring TV and radio commercials. Not by name recall but by genuine belief and trust.

The virus may have hit some at a time that's too late for May 14 2007 elections, but being the virus that it is, it's gonna continue spreading. And by 2010, these people will all vote again, and with their genuine belief and trust in you, they'll write your name at the number one slot.

Who knows? There might even be enough this 2007 elections! But wether it happens this May 2007 or not, it is bound to happen. It must happen. We, the people who believe and trust in you will spread the word about you and your goals. So, Wether it be for 2007 or 2010, please accept my congratulations!