Friday, August 24, 2007

The C.R.

I knew my kids were integrating well when my 6 year-old asked to be taken to the “CR”. The initials, to the uninformed belong to the words “comfort room”, a peculiarly Filipino terminology for the loo. I don’t know how this appellation came about but it does sound too literal, a trifle vulgar even for a place where bowel and bladder are emptied. The use of these initials is widespread. Ask for the “washroom” and you will be mostly met with quizzical looks.

Much like when you are placed on hold at the telephone and your patience is requested with the phrase “for a while”, another singular Filipino creation that is a literal translation of the Tagalog expression “sandali po lamang”.

I am not complaining. On the contrary, I am pleased that at an early age these kids are resourceful enough to adapt and blend with the rest of their countrymen.


jun said...

"Sandali" - Am guilty with this. =)

thestoryofhealing said...

"Time usa" -- the Cebuano informal twist of "time out" and "just a second". ;-)