Saturday, August 18, 2007

Power Interruption

Had to wait an hour to post this because we had a second “brownout” here in Bacolod. In all my time in the US, I don’t recall a single time when power was interrupted. When we lived in New York, our neighbors told us stories about the widespread chaos that resulted from a one day blackout that occurred in 1977.

Brownouts are commonplace here. Power surges too. Electronic appliances are severely put to the test. These inconveniences have their charming side too. We had frequent power interruptions while growing up in Quezon City and these were the times we had dinner by candlelight and we would be regaled with horror stories and we would hold “programs”, a wonderful bonding opportunity.

Now that the power’s back, everyone’s watching television and downloading songs into IPODs. The family hour just ended.

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