Monday, October 1, 2007

See ya', Ben

So, the Elections Commissioner Benjamin Abalos just resigned amid allegations that he brokered a telecommunications deal in exchange for a substantial kickback. “Broker” meaning dutifully distributing criminal loot among government officials responsible for approving the project including consolation bribes to the losing parties. He was pretty familiar with the song and dance routine, having been in politics for a long time. He was so familiar he got cocky and went down for the count.

Not that we all didn’t know the top counter of votes was simply being rewarded for past disservices rendered. Perhaps in the ultimate order of things this crooked transaction was in partial payment for the zero votes I received in Maguindanao. Point is, we all knew, somewhat. Yet we were all eyes and ears during the senate hearings as we were regaled by some of the very politicians Abalos caused to represent you and me. And, let’s admit it, we all harbored some secret longing for an on the air conversion from one or more of these absolutely top of the line genuine products of our corrupt political system.

Abalos did not start as a bad guy. He was at the forefront of the Marcos opposition when the only requirement for membership was raw courage. Like most traditional politicians, he overstayed. And he even has his little dynasty to prove it. “Sic transit gloria“, a slave would whisper into the ear of the parading conqueror. We never learn.

One day soon we will fully learn about the excesses of this administration. Like all else, it is only a matter of time. Part of our human weakness lies with the fond hope that we will be that one, singular exception.

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