Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to Work

I needed to return to the clinic, for the fifth time since late June. I am proud to remain an Overseas Filipino Worker, earning currency that is rapidly diminishing in value. I am working as hard as I have for 16% less compensation compared to 18 months ago. At the airport lounge, I met the People's Champion, on his way to Los Angeles to shoot a commercial for Nike.

The flight to San Francisco was not bad, it was the 8 hour wait for our connection to Dallas that got me weary. From Dallas, we took a "puddle-jumper" to Amarillo where "Dr. Paul" was waiting. What would normally take us 2 hours was extended to 4 hours because of the poor road conditions (it snowed the day after Thanksgiving). Door to door, from Quezon City to Guymon, took 34 hours. This is how our backyard looked after the first dusting.

The long Thanksgiving holiday just ended and today is bound to be a busy one.


Anonymous said...

I was PGY 1 at "Brookjail" in Brooklyn in '94 when we met you. You were the gastro senior fellow. You walked over to our table in the cafeteria. I was seated there with Kinny Battad and Edwin. After introducing yourself, you joked that one day, youll run for the Philippine Senate. Little did I know that you werent joking. Anyway, I voted for you and the whole kapatiran team. Lots of colleagues from St Lukes also voted for you. Sa 2010 ulit!!!
do fugoso

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

good to hear from you Do! nasaan ka na? salamat sa pagbisita mo sa ating blog.

do said...

Sadly, I'm part of the medical brain drain. Dito ako sa Olean, New York. Start ako sa Dec 3. I was a neurologist in St Lukes for 6years until a month ago. It was a hard decision to come to the US. Kung ako lang masaya ako sa Philippines. Kaso this opportunity came , two years lang naman contract. I'd really want to go home after that.
do fugoso