Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Support Gov. Ed Panlilio

Ed Panlilio is a catholic priest in the Diocese of Pampanga. When Kapampangans realized in the last election that their choices for who was going to be governor of the province was unacceptably slim, many people urged parish priest Fr Panlilio to run. He was very very reluctant, his Bishop would not hear of it and so he prayed and prayed. Meanwhile, nobody wanted to take on the two traditional politicians whose war chests were bursting full. Most common excuse heard was: politics is not for me, I can help my country in some other way (another way of saying, let’s leave politics to our trusted, dependable politicians who will always do the right thing for the people).

Incredibly, Fr. Panlilio won by a slim margin. Of course his rival immediately filed a protest and paid for a recount which is currently unfolding. Scuttlebutt since October has it that the good father is certain to lose in the recount. And to cover all bases, all but 2 of the Mayors of the province are opposing Gov. Panlilio. Most of them are being uncooperative and are intentionally slowing things down, to demonstrate to everyone that a Governor who doesn’t play by the rules shouldn’t expect any help. Stories have appeared in the newspapers detailing plans to recall the Governor.

It’s just too bad because Fr. Panlilio was first thrust into the spotlight when Mount Pinatubo erupted. The province was plunged into total disaster and was literally buried under millions of tons of lahar (which is a compound of pyroclastic material and water). Panlilio was at the forefront of the giant rescue mission. Misfortune was converted into a blessing when it was discovered that the same lahar, cooled-down, made for first-rate construction material. This was the beginning of the fortune that could be made off the “quarrying” of lahar.

When he became Governor, Panlilio was able to collect from all the revenue of the quarrying a sum of money in one month that his traditional predecessor took 12 months to accumulate. See what happens when an upright person is minding the store. The problem is, honest business practices are anathema to the traditional political manner of doing business. Hence, Governor Ed Panlilio is seen as a threat.

We are all looking for ways to help our country. The struggle at hand will require sacrifice and it will not always be pleasant. How shall freedom be defended? MacLeish asked, and then replied: By arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, and in the final act, by dedication and faith.

Together with other citizens appalled at the multiple improvised political traps that the enemies of Gov Panlilio are furiously setting, we made an appointment to see Among Ed and we expressed to him our full support and gave our cell phone numbers just in case he might need us. He is about as gentle as a human can get. He has vitiligo, which is a chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigmentation resulting in depigmented patches all over the body. Unfortunately, Fr Panlilio’s face is riddled with these patches.

You don’t have to go to the Pampanga Capitol. I don’t know what you can do to lend your support to the embattled Ed Panlilio. You will have to figure that one out yourself.


Anonymous said...

Go Among Ed! We join you in supporting this hero.

Jaywalker said...

I hope you don't mind I linked this post to this:

Campaign Supporting Good Governance

Baguio Insider said...

Father Ed should be protected by the people who elected him. Maybe they can be re-engaged to help his stewardship of the province.

A new people power, one that does not just create leaders but also serves right along with him.

Pampanga, do us proud once again!

victor peterson said...
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