Monday, February 11, 2008

Dateline: Oklahoma

Just found out, all the way from the Oklahoma panhandle that Pampanga Governor Panlilio’s victory is being recounted. And this Lozada fellow is confirming reports that a $64 million overprice was acceptable but not $130 million. No other way around this but our country is going down and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. If anyone succeeds in ejecting Fr. Panlilio or anything happens to Lozada who has been characterized by the dangerous cabal of GMA supporters as a troublemaking Chinese, I am taking the next flight back home and I will actively take part in the overthrow of this corrupt regime.

It’s way past time. Way past time for just prayers and words. We are going to have to demand for the return of our rights in whatever manner that’s possible. Just thinking about this election official haggling over the kickback price that would make him manipulate election results makes me ill. Tama pala ang mga na-una sa atin: Rebolusyon hindi eleksyon.

Nakakahiya tayo. Wala nang pag-asa ang ating Bayan kung pababayaan pa natin itong katarantaduhang ito. Tama na ang mga matatamis na salita. Tama na itong pag-kukunwari. Kung totoo ang sinasabi ni Lozada, ibagsak na nga natin itong karumal-dumal na katiwaliang ito.

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Anonymous said...

Are you willing to sacrifice your own life or your family's? Anyway mabuhay ka for at least wanting to do what is right.