Monday, February 4, 2008

The Speaker speaks, too late

When he thought his life was in danger and GMA was doing nothing about it, he spilled the beans. He confirms electoral cheating, wanton extrajudicial murders, dependence on Malacanang for pork barrel, corruption in all levels of government, armed forces, judiciary, media, academe--everything we all know that’s holding our country down. Jose De Venecia did not disclose anything new, all he did was bare his selfishness, his sniggering loyalty so far as it benefited him, and above all, his cowardice.

And he has the nerve to call on all of us to join him in a moral revolution!

De Venecia is the consummate survivor in Philippine politics. He made his fortune during the time of Marcos and has successfully ingratiated himself into every ruling dispensation in our country. In the space of an hour, he referred to most everybody as a “friend”, described how many Godchildren he had in the chamber and how many politicians he helped to obtain government positions.

This was De Venecia’s chance for greatness and in keeping with character, totally blew it. He should have hurled that useless position back at all those deceitful colleagues of his, issued a contrite apology , called for genuine revolution and then disembowel himself in full public view.


Jaywalker said...

Conrado de Quiroz aptly described it in his Honor among Thieves as:

"That’s how the war between GMA and JDV is coming along, the two of them trying to keep a pacific front, even a genial one in photo ops, while their progenies are battling it out in the open. It’s a vicious war just the same, though I for one am rooting for it all the way. It’s the kind of war you hope would end up in a Pyrrhic victory, the kind that devastates both sides."

I say let them slug it out till the end....... to a point where they both get annihilated and self-destruct in the process.

Anonymous said...

Dumi masyado ng politics. Wala na atang mangyayaring mabuti sa Pinas. What's your solution to corruption, Dok?

Anonymous said...

jdv is such a sore loser. his 59-minute privilege speech was nothing more than a self-preserving act to somehow get sympathy for his getting axed. like daddy, like joey. both only came out because they lost. tsktsk.

Anonymous said...

Lozada has spoken. Abalos is implicated, but I hope the real people behind this (Arroyos) don't get away with the People's money. Erap was convicted, the Arroyos can be too.

Anonymous said...

jdv couldn't take defeat, typical trapo.

Zugstwit said...

Let's pray for the repose of their ill motives and the resurgence of a genuine desire and predilection for positive action to help the Filipino people.