Thursday, March 13, 2008

The GF

I can imagine the one person loving all this, feeling totally like the Godfather (GF). This latest development with witness Leo San Miguel seems almost lifted from the movie when Frank Pentangelli was scheduled to testify before the Senate Committee. Moments before he was about to rat out the entire operation, his older brother, newly arrived from Sicily and not speaking a lick of English enters the spacious chamber.

That was all it took. Frankie Five Angels instantly forgets his testimony and the entire room erupts into chaos. Case dismissed.

The story isn’t over though. Michael “Mike” Corleone leaves the senate building and immediately plans to kill his brother Fredo and Hyman Roth. To which the exasperated consigliere Tom Haden mutters, "C'mon, Michael. You won. Do you feel you have to wipe out everyone?"

Mike’s classic response: "No, Tom. Only my enemies."


peedro said...

Hi Doc!

magandang hapon

a little bit out of topic

do you believe in global warming caused by our uncontrolled use of fossil fuel?

what do you think a country like ours should do about it?

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

We can start by harnessing the sun and the wind a little bit more. We have an abundance of both resources. The technology is there. Way much "cleaner" than fossil or biofuels.