Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out with EO 464

If Gloria Arroyo is really serious in searching for the truth, she needs to revoke Executive Order (EO) 464, which prevents government officials from attending congressional inquiries without her personal clearance. Even her close ally Zubiri, who was dubiously elected to the senate last May, a clear beneficiary of the full support of Ben “counter” Abalos stated “With the revocation of EO 464, it will show that government has nothing to hide and that it supports full transparency and accountability”.

But Gloria Arroyo is hiding many things and she must be terrified at the prospect of the lifting of this gag order. Let one of these trapos talk, or allow one of these weaklings a chance to gain redemption and the walls will come crumbling quickly.

This is why the Bishops were not all that bad when they demanded the scrapping of this ridiculous rule. Everyone around here knows if a serious investigation is initiated, Gloria is cooked.


pian said...

Zubiri may have cheated, but so do all the Senators from GO, albeit to a lesser degree because they’re so popular at the moment. But once they ran under the party endorsed by a convicted plunderer, they lost all sense of credibility.
GO cheated the public in their own ways:
Loren the balimbing – first she was anti-Erap, then all of a sudden became pro-Erap, just to ensure she becomes a Senator, swallowing her principles in the process
Chiz E and Alan C didn’t do anything significant in the House but yet became Senators, with Alan C now becoming the chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee. They became Senators because Chiz E has the looks, a look-a-like of Bamboo, and headed the impeachment trial at the height of the Hello Garci scandal. Alan C made a very bold accusation he wasn’t able to prove that the FG has a secret bank account in Germany. They only made noise, and presto, they became Senators.
Lacson makes himself look clean to everyone, but you and I know him to be the mastermind of various murders.
Trillanes has a penchant for staging coups. He has this hero complex.

They only made noises which made them Senators. You guys would also only have to make noises, but valid noises, so people will notice, and they can then put you guys in the Senate, so you can then do your thing. It would be that simple.

Anonymous said...

All are the same. Kill them all.