Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In a very disturbing development, the Philippine Supreme Court upheld the disqualification of an elected mayor because he is a United States permanent resident as shown by his possession of a green card. In a glaring display of ignorance, the Supreme Court ruled that US permanent residents are deemed to have abandoned and renounced their status as residents of the Philippines.

A few facts rankle. First, the disqualification emanated from resigned and disgraced elections commissioner Benjamin Abalos. While the elected mayor chose to return to his country and participate in rebuilding it, Abalos was busy sealing the deal that would have allowed him a big portion of a $135 million kickback.

Second, the Philippine government strongly encourages Filipinos in the US to send money back home, invest in real estate and business ventures and return frequently as tourists.

Finally, in order to work in the US and become productive Filipinos who can potentially contribute to our country, we need to legally adjust our status by becoming permanent residents. There is not an iota of love lost for the Philippines in this process. Every remittance reconnects us to our communities. Unless our government prefers us to hang around the corner store and drink beer and gin and sell our votes to all these traditional politicians who control the political process from whence they make their livelihoods.

In all seriousness though, I think this is the preference of the government.


azron said...


This is contrary to what happens in other countries. No one is assumed to have given up their national citizenship just become they get a 'green card' in the US.

I think that corruption, which is rampant in the Philippines, is responsible for this injustice.


Anonymous said...

Those who are opposing this mayor might be jealous for they perhaps do not have the privilege of having green card. Moreover, being a US permanent resident doesn't mean that s/he is a US citizen, even though what is wrong to have dual citizenship (approved by the Philippines recently) as long as a person can be positive in the Philippines and can resolve some problems due to negligence and corruption. Those who are after the money definitely have a “delirium” and “complex” from childhood or have already familial based problems and that is why when they have a temporary post they do as a “leech”. These dirty minded people forgotten that they came nude and will leave this world nude as well. Hope all corrupt people suffer while they are alive. We support you Doc.

Lydia said...

How interesting to read a little about your politics tonight after watching US news about the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. With Clinton winning this one, now pundits are saying that Indiana could be the "bellweather" state when it holds its primary on May 6. I live in Oregon, where we won't hold our Democratic primary until May 20. Crazy to have to wait that long to cast my vote for Obama!
Thanks for the reports in your blog about that Mayor, who I think got a bum deal for sure.

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Jaywalker said...

Yes, an injustice indeed and will remain so until we address this contentious issue.

It probably has to do with the "exclusive" mindset of those who stayed in the country.

It is just so odd that they literally and "legally" strip permanent residents of their citizenship and privilege when legally and technically we are still Filipinos. I believe calling the attention of the legislators is in order to correct this injustice.