Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's Going On in America

What a time to be in America. Change is coming. Ted Stevens of Alaska who has been senator for almost as long as I have been alive was just convicted for lying and accepting bribes. Barack Obama, son of an African is poised to become President. The people are hurting and there is fear and there is uncertainty even in the heartland where you can easily view the horizon 50 miles away.

Fear and uncertainty trump racism that is native to each one of us. Those professional pollsters were totally wrong: given a choice between a continuation of failed policies and a young, black man who represented a new direction, Americans would overwhelmingly take a chance and break away from their deep-seated biases.

The situation had to get this bad for the majority to realize the consequences were too dire, the stakes too far-reaching to rely upon a cynical choice that was made to appeal to our baser nature. Palin, it turns out was a disastrous choice. Whatever heroism McCain had was completely canceled by whatever flippant qualities the Alaska governor had. For all her observations about Putin rearing his menace from the land mass visible from her state, Palin came woefully short in making the case that Obama was a Marxist, as if the bogus idea of trickle-down economics was somehow less dangerous to the health of the world financial system.

Oil prices are plummeting from decreased demand, less vehicles and appliances are being sold, everyone’s starting to save. Heady days are ahead.

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Pedestrian Observer GB said...

I saw the economist who coined the word trickle down on Bill Maher and he was getting ribbed for his faulty economic analysis on the "gradual adjustment" of the real estate market which we all know by now is not true because a bubble will of course burst not gradually descend, lol. This just goes to say that McCain's reading of the present economic and political reality in America is really getting old and that the people are not as gullible as think they are.