Thursday, December 11, 2008

What The?

The global economy is undergoing an unprecedented reconfiguration; extensive solar and wind power grids are being constructed; automobiles that do not depend on oil are being designed; democracy is being exported, using force if necessary; there is nonstop development of models to contain terrorism; dams, highways, nuclear reactors and massive bridges are being built; there is a relentless search for a cure for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s; the world is a beehive of activity.

What’s going on in the Philippines? What are the burning issues of our time? In a nation desperate for heroes, Manny Pacquiao ensured the permanent retirement of De La Hoya; our local media abuzz with speculation regarding charter change (amending the constitution); we see our lawmakers hopelessly outclassed by a wily and evasive character who spent 2 years in detention in the US perfecting the art of deception; there is an internecine battle to pass a “reproductive health bill”. Side by side the great strides being accomplished everywhere else, so long as we remain distracted, we are happy to sit around and watch the world leave us behind.

When times are hard, the tough start working harder. They consume less and they produce more. There is a major increase in the acquisition of critical skills. The existing infrastructure is upgraded and over-all efficiency is enhanced.

Will amending the constitution at this time raise productivity? Or is this another ploy to perpetuate the tenure of our overstaying politicians? Is the indecent haste directly productive to the pecuniary profit some shameless traditional politicians stand to gain? Changing the Constitution now is the last thing we need.

Why go after a bit player (a former official from the Agriculture Department)
in an irredeemably corrupt order with strenuous, over-the-top histrionics when the big fish are never punished anyway? Unless all these exertions are exclusively meant to serve notice to a preoccupied public regarding the looming elections in 2010.

There has been too much talk about reproductive health. The bill proposed may be riddled with defects but we clearly need legislation to allow our people to make informed and enlightened choices. A fully formed conscience requires substantial investments in education. It is grossly insufficient to criticize and dismiss the bill without offering an alternative solution to a major problem.

There will be a flurry of political activity in 2009 that will reach a crescendo on May 2010. We need to move away from wrangling over small matters, get rid of our mendicant mentality and collectively aspire to make our country into the glorious country that our children deserve.


Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Our national leaders are cross eyed when it comes to scandals..... selective at best to a point that only enhance their posturings but not enough to seriously resolve the problem as they are also guilty of the same malfeasance.

azron said...

You wrote, "When times are hard, the tough start working harder. They consume less and they produce more."

This sounds like a recipe for deflation....