Monday, January 12, 2009

I Got An Idea

If you don’t think that the Philippines is in a terrible situation and matters will only become worse if we don’t do anything different then you don’t have to read on.

If you share my assessment however, that our country is in very bad shape, then bear with me and think about the solution I propose.

I won’t bother enumerating our major problems because I don’t want to engender even more despair. Insurmountability has a dangerous consequence of hopeless paralysis, the exact opposite of what I intend to accomplish.

We need nothing less than a revolution. The political operating system that governs our country is irredeemably corrupted. Historically, mass purges have been the only effective way of achieving national catharsis. And there is a way for this process to occur without violence.

In 1986, we had a unique opportunity to break free from our national fears and insecurities when the entire government was essentially replaced, from the President down to the Mayor and Barangay Captain. Officers in Charge (OIC) were appointed and were given a chance to prove themselves before a general election was held a year later.

The opportunity was unique not because of the new cast of political characters but because it was a chance for all of us to look at public service in a vastly different perspective. Public service is a sacrifice committed by fellow citizens who prepare for the responsibility by becoming financially independent and thoroughly informed about the serious issues of the time. Public service is not a path to making a livelihood. Public service, being a sacrifice should be borne by as many citizens as possible as no group of family members are naturally invested with an extraordinary aptitude for public administration.

The opportunity was lost because we failed to learn the lessons.

We need to elect a President in 2010 who will implement peaceful revolution. In 2013, this President will call for synchronized local and national elections with all elective positions open (from the 24 Senators to the Kagawads). Each candidate will pledge to serve only one term and spouses, parents and children will be prohibited from succeeding any candidate. Since many dynasties exist primarily to protect tightly vested family interests, there will be a one-time general amnesty for all administrative cases filed from the 2013 elections until the commencement of the campaign period in 2016.

This President must have an unblemished record of integrity and honesty. This President needs to be completely nontraditional, not beholden to any special interests, successful in a previous occupation. This President should embody the national ideals of a true servant-leader who will not hesitate to sacrifice for the common good.

Will this revolution solve all our problems? Certainly not, but it will be a decisive step towards the redemption of the boundless promise of our nation.


Anonymous said...

Good Dr. Martin : you just doomed your candidacy for a future philippine elective office.....antagonizing the incumbents and their loads of followers, who practice their creed that "public office " is a family business.....and those waiting in the sidelines to become franchisers, wholesellers and retailers of that very lucrtative publice service-commodity.....and who are on your side ?....hopefully patrick henry.
.....apathetically yours.

Anonymous said...

Iboto iyong pari sa Pampanga. Puwede iyan. Basta handa kayong mamatay at ang pamilya niyo rin.

JM Nepomuceno said...

hi Doc MARTIN,

Your "journey on your way home" must have been enlightening to you regarding virtually all dimensions of daily living in the more than 42,000 Barangays in 82 Provinces, with the National Capital Region / Metro Manila treated just like one, spread out over the 7,107 islands of the Philippine Archipelago.

It looks to me that you will be soon winding up the first stage of your "journey" as preparation for the second stage that will start in 2010.

It was only when I decided to log back in and plow through your posts since January 2006 that the "over-all picture" of your "journey" finally settled in my consciousness.

I do not remember encountering any of your posts in the AKP forum when I decided to check out the "Lions' Den of Daniel" so to speak ... and so, it did not register that you are the Dr. Martin Bautista among the Three Musketeers of AKP who jumped into the fray last MAY 2007 elections. Understandly so at my end, since my bet at that time was that there was simply no way for the "Good Guys" to win at the National level, and virtually ignored the "zarzuela con moro moro" that I was absolutely sure will unfold.

But the WAR is NOT yet over. What is only important is making sure that the real lessons from the "first stage" be truly learned as preparation for the "second stage".

It will be interesting to find out how the "second stage" will actually unfold.

It looks like our paths will cross more frequently than may be obvious at this point.

For the moment, I am grateful for the opportunity to get a glimpse of who Dr. Martin Bautista was, is, and can be from hereon.

For sure, we will soon find out how the "second stage" will start to unfold.

Para sa Pilipinas! Para sa Bagong Pilipino

JM Nepomuceno
Site Administrator

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