Friday, May 22, 2009

Stand Down Erap Estrada

To David Frost, Richard Nixon related his biggest regret: "I let down the country. I let down our system of government, and the dreams of all those young people that ought to get into government but now think it too corrupt.…”

In a functioning democracy, where a dishonored leader is expected to fall on his own sword, there is a requirement for all major players to work hard to secure the continued active participation from the most capable, most idealistic and most passionate members of the youth.

Not in our country. Disgraced, convicted criminals like Joseph Estrada continue to posture and act as if they have any moral credibility left to pursue once more the very highest public trust he completely wasted. And behold his large retinue of hangers-on hoping to regain a part of the glory days of plunder.

We can never hope to learn from our mistakes as a nation if we never punish criminals who directly harm the poor and powerless with their corrupt dispensations. There is too much magnanimity going around in our oligarchic society because everyone expects to get a free pass when their day of reckoning arrives, the traditional politician’s version of professional courtesy to one another.

This is the moment to call for a division of the House. Will the very True Marcos Loyalists identify themselves once and for all and proudly proclaim their allegiance to their evolved ideology of greed and selfishness. How many of this demagogic breed openly strut about in the guise of being servant-leaders? Words always come easy to these disciples and it’s fairly easy to identify them because they never seem to yield power and privilege to anyone. They are master survivalists willing to do anything, compromise on everything to maintain, at the people’s expense, their reprehensible hides.

When will our day ever arrive? It is up to you and me.


Whit Whittling said...

Have you ever noticed that when public figures are exposed, they always say that they take full responsibility for their actions? But then, nothing happens

pian said...

Happy Anniversary Dr. Martin!

azron said...

I hope that true justice comes to your country


Anonymous said...

i dont really think he will. sour graping still.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

It's too bad for the Philippines, really. And many Pinoys suffer from collective amnesia.