Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Original Sin

When we learn that 43 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals were arrested, detained and abused for taking part in a seminar where a grenade was allegedly found tucked under a pillow, we are momentarily disturbed and then we go on with our business.

Just as nobody cares that 100 Filipinos will die today from tuberculosis and the furor over the massacre of 57 women and journalists in Maguindanao has almost completely died down; only a handful remember the murder of Evelio Javier 24 years ago.

Javier had been on a study grant in Harvard when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. He returned to the Philippines shortly and ran for a seat in Parliament against Arturo Pacificador, a close ally of Marcos. Eventually, the Supreme Court would rule that Javier won the election but only after he was brazenly gunned down in front of the Provincial Capitol.

Arturo Pacificador went into hiding for 9 years, his son fled to Canada and is still seeking asylum. Pacificador’s lawyer and 7 of his security detail were meted life sentences.

Lest we forget, the culture of impunity and death which continues to prevail today was established during the Marcos Dictatorship reaching its apogee with the murder of Senator Benigno Aquino. Let us never forget that thousands of Filipinos resisted and died during those dark days, and while we remember a few: Leandro Alejandro, Lorena Barros, William Begg, Cesar Climaco, Dr Bobby de la Paz, Demosthenes Dingcong, Dr Johnny Escandor, Edgar Jopson, Emmanuel Lacaba, Jose Lingad, Abraham Sarmiento, we also need to honor the countless, nameless martyrs who after giving their lives now only cast their perpetual silence to remind us of the steep price of freedom.

For as long as the Marcoses remain unpunished and unrepentant, for as long as we try to forget that evil period of tyranny, for as long as we accommodate the principal characters of that reprehensible regime, we will never be rid of the original sin.

That evil chapter will continue to teach a shameful lesson: murder and plunder pay.

And we will never get rid of this culture of impunity, we will never tame corruption, and our politicians will keep repeating this successful, traditional manner of holding on to power.

The Marcoses must not be allowed to use their ill-gotten wealth to finance their campaigns for public office. They should instead return whatever they stole and finally, after all these years, apologize to the Filipino people for the pestilential harm they visited upon our ruined land.


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10. He is not Ninoy Aquino or Cory Aquino.

9. He has never displayed any iota of true leadership — take a look at his stalling campaign as Exhibit A.

8. Frank Drilon and the LP Mafia.

7. Peping Cojuangco and the rest of Kamag-anak, Inc. Will we let them plunder public coffers again?

6. The lack of any REAL and SUBSTANTIAL track record.

5. Because it showed a lack of character that Noy did not respect the work and preparation Mar Roxas made for the elections.

4. Because he resorts to waging a negative campaign (related to #6).

3. Because of the SCTEX issue he fails to explain convincingly. They overpriced the land 12 times (P100 instead of P8), and made the government pay for the private San Miguel interchange to the tune of P170 million. The Aquinos/Cojuangcos then robbed the Hacienda Luisita farmers of their fare share of the deal. Each of the 6,000 “stockholder farmers” got a paltry P450 when they rightfully should have made P4,500 each.

2. Because we don’t want Kris Aquino — with her arrogance and hypocrisy — to return to Malacanang.

1. His involvement in the unresolved Hacienda Luisita massacre that occurred just over a week after Noynoy Aquino was made House Deputy Speaker. Records also show that Noy’s henchmen were involved in the liquidation of very vocal protesters and leaders (check GMA7’s website for details).


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Very nice and intrestingss story.