Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Philippine General Hospital Controversy

The PGH Director controversy exemplifies what is wrong in our country. What should have been a simple matter of respecting the results of an election has been turned into political travesty once again. I’d like to think UP President Emerlinda Roman and CHED Chairman Angeles mean well but should they be reminded that they are answerable to the Filipino people and not to whoever appointed them?

Before the Board of Regents voted for the next PGH Director last December 18, 2009, a vote was taken to determine whether the Student Regent was qualified to participate. She was deemed qualified and the result favored Dr Jose Gonzales. Regent Abraham Sarmiento subsequently lodged a protest.

I have profound respect for Justice Sarmiento primarily because of the ultimate sacrifice his son Ditto willingly bestowed upon us fighting the corruption and cronyism during the Marcos dictatorship. We honor our Martyrs when we defend with all our might, their integrity and idealism.

Perhaps by coincidence, the battle cry of LABAN UPPGH was written by Ditto Sarmiento more than 30 years ago: Kung hindi tayo ang kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi tayo ang kikibo, sino ang kikibo? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?

I am bitterly disappointed with Dr. Roman. I expected more fairness and independence from her. Instead, she has acted just like all the other Gloria Arroyo appointees. She should resign.


Anonymous said...

Agree! Will definitely vote for you Doc.

Anonymous said...

The BOR made a mistake in determining that the student regent was qualified to vote. She was not enrolled and was not a student and therefore was not qualified to vote. Dr. Domingo and Dr. Gonzalez are both men of integrity. They both want to serve our country and our people. They are not wanting to enrich themselves and they are not politicians. Let's find Dr. Gonzalez another position, also a prestigious one, that will allow him to serve our country. Our country has a lot of problems but we also have a lot of talents to solve these problems.