Monday, April 5, 2010

Senator Aquino and Hacienda Luisita

To distract voters from Manny Villar's criminal complicity in the C5 scam, his camp tries to connect Noynoy Aquino to Hacienda Luisita and its various corporate activities.

No comparison can be made, legal, ethical or even logical between Villar and C5 on one hand and Noynoy Aquino and Hacienda Luisita on the other. Here's why:

1. Hacienda Luisita is an independent, autonomous corporation. Noynoy Aquino has no direct, personal or active participation in its business and agricultural operations. (Villar and his wife have had direct, personal active invovlement in the C5 scheme that cost taxpayers billions of pesos which went straight to Villar's pockets.)

2. The SCTEX project was a purely commercial transaction, completely above board between the the HL professional managers and the National goverment headed by President Ramos, and at the close of of the road program, by President Erap Estrada. (HL sold its land at 100 pesos per sq meter. Villar sold his land for 13,000 pesos per sq meter and his friend, Mike Velarde sold his land for 30,000 pesos per sq. meter.)

3. Noynoy had no knowledge, certainly no hand in the government's decision to purchase HL land. Senate records show that Villar determined, in fact changed the road blueprints to guarantee huge financial rewards for himself.

4. Noynoy is aware of HL's labor situation and has condemned the violence it has caused. But he is not in alliance with nor does he defend either side. He offers himself as a problem solver who seeks enduring harmony between HL and the farmers.

5. The SDO which appears to be at the core of the conflict is the result of a formal agreement long and painstakingly negotiated between HL and its farmers. It was voted upon and approved by the Land Reform beneficiaries and affirmed by the national government. Regardless of the merits or demerits of the SDO, Noynoy Aquino is not a party to it.

Noynoy's connection to HL is simply an accident of his birth and he has nothing to explain, nothing to justify, because at the end of the day it should be evident that he carries no burden of responsibility, no culpability. There is no need for a reply. Noynoy Aquino has nothing to answer for.


Anonymous said...

You make it sound as if Noynoy is neutral in his position in Hacienda Luisita. If he is not for or against either side, then what kind of leadership do we expect from him. If his only claim to fame is his last name, a brand, which is an "accident of birth", then what makes him the most qualified. As your friend George Bush once said, "If you're not for us, you're against us." If Noynoy is not for the farmers and the laborers of Hacienda Luisita, then he is agaist them. I know that you have to walk the walk and talk the talk to achieve your goal, but I hope and I pray that when you become one of the political elite, that you will speak your mind and stand and speak for those who yearn for a better, peaceful, honest and economically stable society. I hope you will always remember why you left a quiet lucrative practice and why you and your family are making this sacrifice. Philippine politics is like a Black Hole because when you reach that 'event horizon',it will suck you and alter you and make you indistinguishable from any other politician. The change is happening and an outsider like me can see it. You are beginning to sound like a Trapo. - A Concerned Supporter

pian said...

While your concerns may be valid, considering however the level of his sacrifices, I doubt that very much and that should keep him on the ground. I see him more with the levels of Gordon/Bayani.

Anonymous said...

let me refer to you as anonymous 1, I am anonymous 2......simply answered you are an Aquino oppositionist which is your prerogative. And therefore you're biased.
....In Noynoy's case not taking side is a "nece4ssary" if not a legal obligation, since he is am accidental party to the controversy, which I suppose is being considered by a Court or an Arbitration Board. Sub judice, they would say.
..... " If you are not for us then you are against us " was a sacred admonition in its origin and now corrupted into drunken parties : " Somos o no somos "....Not taking sides is a decision in itself. Many wise and honorable men in history have taken this position..

Anonymous said...

I am Anonymous 1. Hacienda Luisita is stolen property and that is why I am biased. Villar is crooked and should not be holding any public office. Erap is a pathetic trapo who should still be in jail. Noynoy thinks that a poor farmer who demonstrates and protests is a communist. There is no presidential candidate at this time who has the blueprint to solving the huge probems namely poverty, feudalism,overpopulation,exhaustion of natural resources,pollution of rivers, lakes and bays, illegal logging, the culture of graft and corruption in every sector of government whether it be civil or military sector,health care only for the rich, the wide gap between the rich and the poor, lack of patriotism and so on and so forth. The Philippines needs a leader in the like of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington,Churchill, Lee Kuan Yew, Golda Meir. A leader who can unite the country, a patriot who can make each one of us patriotic, and one who has the charisma, the credibility and integrity to lead. We will have to wait. In the meantime, our country, according to author Diamond Jared is one of the 10 countries of the world in danger of collapse.

pian said...

Well, I don't know why you don't see the hope with the transformers Gordon/Fernando. Just simply by looking at Subic and Marikina makes them the best choice as performers. But their big problem is unpopularity with the masses. Fernando as a disciplinarian is seen as a dictator and is unpopular with the masses. But that's not being a dictator but merely implementing rules to uphold one's dignity.

castor said...

I got nothing against Gordon and Bayani and everything against Noynoy. he gave him the right to relive dead dreams? he should've let his deceased parents rest in peace. I just think that even if i vote for these Gordon, it wouldn't matter. The new president will have soemething like 15% of the whole populace to win. ayokong mahati ang boto at kay Villar na lang ako.