Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Property Rights

Every citizen needs to feel a stewardship responsibility towards the country. Every citizen must have a stake in a nation's development. The concept of property rights needs to be strictly enforced because without it there will be widespread demoralization and division.

For the longest time, squatters have been untouchable to politicians who need to pander to this vote-rich constituency. Squatting is a felony and this needs to be enforced to effectively disenfranchise offenders. The State has an obligation to relocate these people to places that are healthier and where citizens are more productive. This will immediately result in a net-loss of votes for incumbent elected officials but this is good poltics in the long run. This should discourage just about anybody who wishes to disrespect the rights of others and will ultimately foster a sense of unity towards common goals for the common good.

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